About Us

ATARA – All Things Amateur Radio Association is a family-oriented radio club set in the foothills of southern Ohio. Our mission is to have fun with all aspects of amateur radio. We enjoy supporting a plethora of organized outdoor community events by operating in various modes from our wide variety of base stations, mobile stations, and handhelds (HTs).

Our Off-Grid Radio Team is an integral part of the ATARA club and continually strives to reach for and maintain a state of readiness for emergency communication service. Our Off-Grid Radio Team is organized into small units, training year-round as a cohesive larger unit. Such training facilitates an agile environment allowing us to become more proficient in the use of our personal equipment, to build and refine systems, hone skillsets, and develop relationships & camaraderie among like-minded radio operators.

ATARA has a well-trained and efficient team of friendly and welcoming ARRL Volunteer Examiners who conduct frequent testing sessions for hobbyists to acquire or advance their FCC license.

Each year our greatest adventure is our participation in the ARRL’s Summer Field Day event. During this event, families set up their campsites & off-grid stations, and then further enjoy a weekend of campfires, picnics, fellowship, and getting on the air & making contacts around the world. We welcome amateur licensed operators, non-amateurs, and family members to join our exciting new club and to participate in all of our activities and events!