All Things Amateur Radio Association (ATARA)

Founded in June 2021, the All Things Amateur Radio Association (ATARA) has quickly grown to over 60 members. Our vision is to impact the amateur radio hobby through awareness and innovation on a national level. We aim for our members to enjoy all aspects of this exciting hobby.

Our Mission

At ATARA, we believe that hobbies should be fun to attract enthusiasts. We strive to put the fun in amateur radio and make it accessible to everyone.

Our STEM Trailer Initiative

Upon learning about the ARRL Foundation Grant, we envisioned a project that would serve our communities and champion amateur radio. Moving beyond our initial idea of an emergency communications trailer, we created a mobile, hands-on STEM trailer to promote STEM education through amateur radio.

Community Engagement

Already active in our communities, we built on our foundation by creating interactive experiences. Our STEM trailer is equipped with hands-on activities to engage students and families, sharing the science and magic of amateur radio. We've partnered with various local organizations, schools, and events, making STEM learning fun and accessible.

In Action

In its second year, our STEM trailer has been a hit at numerous events, including Ohio State University's Westfest, Lancaster City Park events, and the Fairfield County Fair. The excitement and curiosity we see in the youth and their families as they learn about amateur radio is truly inspiring.

Looking Ahead

Our STEM trailer is an ongoing project, and we're always seeking new ideas to enhance the experience. We hope other clubs will be inspired to create their own STEM trailers, spreading the joy of amateur radio and STEM education. The future of amateur radio depends on engaging the youth, and we're committed to making that future bright.


We are deeply grateful to the ARRL Foundation for supporting our vision. With the dedication of our volunteers and community, we've successfully launched and operated our STEM trailer, staying on schedule and within budget. Thank you for helping us share the hobby of amateur radio with the youth in our communities.

Contact Us

Join us in our mission to make amateur radio fun and impactful! Reach out to us by using our contact page at