It is our goal at ATARA to make the testing experience as enjoyable as possible. To that end, here are a few basic items to help out:

  • To secure your seat at our testing session email us at Walk-ins are not encouraged as we want you to have a successful experience. Please make sure you have the following items as we are not able to administer your exam without every item.

  • If you have your license and are looking to upgrade, please bring an original or reference copy to submit with your application. Please note that whatever you choose to bring must be submitted to the ARRL. You can get started here if you want to print a reference copy to turn in:
  • Search for yourself via call sign or name
  • In the result click on your call sign
  • Click on ‘Reference Copy’ from the menu thread above your information
  • Print a physical copy and bring with you to the exam. We MUST submit an original or reference copy of your license with your exam.
  • Bring a valid state or federal photo ID if you have one. Minors must come with an adult with a valid ID.

  • The testing fee is $15. You can continue to take additional Element exams at no additional charge. To retake a failed Element is another $15 per each attempt.

You can find our testing site here: